10 GREAT Reasons to Buy a Home NOW!!!

1.) Quality of Life: A home provides stability and security for you and your loved ones!
2.) Pride of Home Ownership: It's YOUR personal haven and you're your own landlord!
3.) Historically Low Interest Rates: About 5% right now!
4.) Tax Credit: The government will reward 1st time home buyers with $8,000!
5.) Appreciation Potential: Your investment can grow in value!
6.) Equity Build-Up and Debt Pay-Down: Homeowners enjoy an average net worth of approximately $184,000 vs $4,000 for renters.
7.) Leverage: Where else can you buy an investment of this magnitude with as little as 3.5% down!
8.) Tax Deduction Advantages: Property tax and mortgage interest write-offs.
9.) Tax Exemption: Up to $500,000 per couple (or $250,000 per individual) on the sale of a primary residence.
10.) The Real Cost of Renting: At $800 per month (assuming an average 6% rent increase per year), you will pay $126,536 over a 10-year period and have ZERO ownership of the property!

Updated 02/10