Yes! You read right...

No Strings Attached - FREE FSBO Help!
(FSBO = For Sale By Owner)

Why go FSBO: The main reason some homeowners consider trying to sell their home themselves is that it’s tempting to try to avoid having to pay a real estate agent. If you are determined and feel that you’re up to the task, I understand and I encourage you to give it a try. However, in a competitive market, I suggest that you re-evaluate after no more than 6-weeks - as time equals money and thousands of dollars can be lost in wasted time and extra house payments.
It's not easy: Statistics show that 94% of all real estate transactions are handled through real estate agents and FSBOs take longer to sell and close for an average of 6% below agent-negotiated sales (which more than covers the value of using an agent). 
A home sale is a very complex transaction which is fraught with many opportunities for legal exposure and wasted money along the way. Odds are the buyer will be represented by a professional agent who will be looking out for THIER best interests and THIER bottom line. You will also need to be prepared to potentially work with the buyers' attorney, inspection company, lender, the title company and to be able to renegotiate if necessary if the buyers' find issues for which they request a price adjustment. An agent will handle all of this for you! From initial pricing data to paying for top-tier marketing to splitting his/her fee with a buyer's agent to closing legal loopholes and communicating with all parties down to the day of your successful closing. Your agent will protect and look out for YOU and your bottom line! It's no surprise that homes sold without an agent have steadily declined since the early 80's.
This does not mean that you CAN'T be among the successful ones in selling your home yourself, but you should be realistic, armed for an uphill climb and have a “plan B”.
Why would Shannon HELP us sell ourselves?: There are no strings attached and absolutely NO obligation! If I can help you sell your home yourselves, I'll be very happy for you! I hope my thanks might be:
·         If someone views your home (but it's not for them) - you'll pass along my name to them.
·         If you buy another home - you'll think of me 1st (remember – buyers don’t pay the commission).
·         When you hear of anyone wanting to buy or sell - you'll think of me 1st.
·         If you’re ready to consider listing your home (“plan B”) - I'm your gal!
Contact me for:
·         Blank Purchase and Sale contracts, addendums and property disclosure forms.
·         Tips for preparing your home for sale.
·         Tips for staging & showing your home.
·         Safety reminders.
·         Pricing your home to sell.
·         Tips on prequalifying & negotiating with your buyers.
·         FREE CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your competition & recent home sales in your area.
·         Lender, Title Company & Home Inspector referrals.
·         Tips on working with Realtors.
Why don't more buyers consider FSBOs?: The reason that the vast majority of buyers do not consider FSBOs, is because in a typical real estate transaction, the SELLER pays the realtor commission, so there's no incentive for buyer's to seek out FSBO's unless they're savy in searching out inexperience which may be to their advantage. The agent plays a valuable role to the buyer all at NO COST to them, including:
·         Helping with lending prequalification.
·         Searching out and presenting the best homes available (preview / prescreen).
·         Negotiating the offer.
·         Writing up all of the contracts, addendums and disclosures forms.
·         Supervising the home inspection.
·         Negotiating any repairs that are requested or required by lender.
·         Keeping the transaction on-track from step to step.
·         Communicating with the lender and watching for any red flags.
·         Working with the Title Company.
·         Conflict resolution of issues or problems that may arise.
·         Attending the signing / closing to answer any last-minute questions.
·         Gifts / Keys / Celebrating their new home.
Buyers feel that FSBO owners are trying to save that money for themselves (at the detriment of the buyer). So MANY people looking at FSBOs are:
·         Looky Lou's (nosey, bored, driving around, looking for ideas).
·         Unqualified (the 1st thing a realtor addresses before they put someone in their car).
·         Investors looking to take advantage of your lack of knowledge &/or professional representation.
      It's tough enough to sell a home FSBO in the best of seller's markets. If you decide that you'd rather list your home with a friendly, helpful realtor - that's me. Just give me a call for more information! I'd love to visit with you about your goals and options.
Most importantly - It's my job to bring VALUE to your transaction NOT additional cost!